• The next meeting of the District will be held on Wednesday December 7, 2016 at 2:00 p.m. at an offsite location. Please contact the District at 973-579-5074 for additional information.
  • Congratulations to our two new Board Members. At its meeting of September 12, 2016, the State Soil Conservation Committee voted unanimously to appoint Richard Vohden and Natalie Burger as Supervisors of the SCSCD. We congratulate them on their appointment.
  • In the NEW JERSEY REGISTER of September 19, 2016, the State Soil Conservation Committee proposed changes to the “Topsoil” and  “Land Grading” soil erosion and sediment control standards. These are intended to implement the NJ Soil Restoration Act. (PL 2010 ch. 113. The proposed rule will impact the preparation and enforcement of Soil Erosion and Sediment Control Certifications statewide.  The public comment period will remain open until November 19, 2016


The Sussex County Soil Conservation District (SCSCD) is one of 15 Soil Conservation Districts established within the State of New Jersey.  Soil Conservation Districts are considered a special purpose unit of state government. There are over 3000 Conservation Districts nationwide. The function of conservation districts are to take available technical, financial and educational resources, whatever their source, and focus or coordinate them so that the need the  needs of the local land user for conservation of the soil, water and   related resources.

The jurisdictional area of the SCSCD is Sussex County. The SCSCD is considered the local component of the NJ Conservation Partnership which consists of local state and federal agencies. The Mission of the NJ Conservation Partnership is to provide leadership in the planning and implementation of natural resource management programs for the agricultural and development communities and the general public through a locally based delivery system in coordination with local state and federal partners.

For more information on the roles and activities of NJ SCDs click here.